Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Riding the waves

Been struggling of late to come up with a brilliant post. Something that is profound. Or has a purpose. Meaningful. Insightful. Makes a statement. A Save the World kind of post. Or a Protect the Dolphins and Whales of the world post. Or make an appeal for saving endangered species. Educate, motivate, inspire. Do something good. Rescue an animal. Or help a friend. Something that makes me a little more human and a little less selfish.

Unfortunately I failed.


And although I can't write anything awe-inspiring, I came across a couple of really beautiful and touching posts.
This is the kind of stuff I wish I could write. And this is why she is and will always remain one of my favorite bloggers.
And then this one just made me want to run and grab my paint brush. And paint. The myriad hues of rain. And love.

And as I sit here waiting for that one moment of truth, when everything comes together in a flash of light and life can fall into place and everything works out the way I hope it will, I realize that in the meantime the only thing that I can actually do with any sort of authority, is write about me, myself and my life. And although I want this blog to have a little more meaning than being a record of my personal life, I have accepted the fact that I cannot find the pathway to inspiration where I can write something meaningful or profound. So what the hell!

And please don't say things like, "oh good to see you back". Don't. Because I'm not sure I was gone. Or even if I am back. Or whether I was missed. Or whether it matters that I am writing another meaningless post.

Life's a rollercoaster ride. And you hold on as tight as possible.

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