Friday, September 02, 2005

Life in general

I often wonder what makes our lives so very different from that of others around us. Why can't we be like most others where life falls into a set pattern, no big surprises, no major disappointments, no pitfalls? Why do we have to be the over-achievers, the trend setters, the risk takers? Is there any point in living on the edge, every single day of your life? Can we have a tamed down version of life where one can stop worrying about things and can come home in the evening to have dinner and watch TV? Isn't that what most others get to do? Listen to music, read a book, catch a movie, watch some TV, hang out with friends. In other words, relax and have a good time.

I know what you are saying. You are telling me that the seeds one sows today will bear fruit tomorrow and that this is the time to be building a career, shaping the future. I believe you. And trust me, I keep trying. I just hope that while we keep trying to keep up with life, we don't miss the bus and lose the most vital years of our life. After all, we only live once.



Blogger satchisgod said...

Gosh, yeah, the laid back life...aacha did you notice the rock'er adda-baaj-s in Calcutta...pretty much all bekaars, all cricket enthusiasts and just must have to go to every Mohun Bagan - EB match...yeah, the same ones who open all those innumerable road side stalls during pujos...poverty striken in general, but dammit, what a life!
Also, weirdly, we had those couple of street dogs who use our shades in front of the house as a recluse - moner aanondey jhumoto, sex korto, bark korto, aar aabar jhumoto...hated the whole lot! I wan't a life like that! sob sob

12:43 PM  
Blogger satchisgod said...

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Blogger Point 5 said...

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Blogger Point 5 said...

"...After all we live only once..."

One way to look at this is "...sit back, relax and enjoy, dont get tangled with high ambitions and be contented with what u possess"

While some would say "You got only one life, dont short sell yourself, try to achieve the most u can ...."

At the end of the day, it's the person's outlook which would determine his deeds......

1:08 PM  
Blogger Rimi said...

"...Why do we have to be the over-achievers, the trend setters, the risk takers? Is there any point in living on the edge, every single day of your life?"

there isn't. not in my book. point 5 here says what i really wanted to say --point of view. it's simple:
1. i'm very laid back, almost completely without ambition of any sort.
2. and i'm cool with that.
3. it's my life. as long as i'm not directly interfering with anyone elses, the right to be a total 'failure' is mine.
4. so everyone else should just shut up.

not exactly what you were talking about, perhaps, but similar. wouldn't you say?

1:40 PM  
Blogger Rohan Kumar said...

I believe in doing watever keeps u happy coz in the end u get one life to live. So it shud be lived at ur terms rather than burdened by other's outlook of u or eveluated by parameters of successs and failure or whether or not u stood out in a crowd.
Ride ur rollercoaster even though it might be going thru a low, just hang in there and ur will be riding ur wave up in no time :)

4:44 PM  
Blogger satchisgod said...

Btw, on your comment on Katrina, have you noticed that pretty much all the victims they show on TV are Blacks - people who had no choice but to stay. Was reading the the news on Google...went like "'twas looking as if we were in a third world country".
I wonder what our country looked, post-tsunami then.

8:57 PM  
Blogger jaded said...

sigh, what a hard-hitting realisation inducing post mate
:-((( very very long face

7:15 AM  
Blogger Priya said...

Gosh, how I love your posts! As much as I'd love to relax and have a good time, somehow, "life in general" doesn't really allow that after a point. And what's worse, I'm not even sure I'm sowing the seeds of fruits which my daughter would be interested in. After all, they'll be a whole new generation with a whole new idea of
life in general.
And I think, Rimi's got the right attitude here. May be we should try, being just a wee bit selfish at times and say It's my life! The rest can go to hell.

12:57 AM  
Blogger That Girl said...

but youknow what.. its the changes that make it interesting... the thought of not knowing whats gonna happen next... if we had a set pattern it would be so predictable...and boring

11:18 AM  
Blogger Acroyali said...

for me its always the journey that counts rather than the destination.

"this is the time to be building a career, shaping the future"... the funny thing is i wonder when do we actually stop thinking this way. ALL our life shall pass us by and we'd still be building a career!

2:25 AM  
Blogger Casablanca said...

Beautifully written.

1:09 PM  
Blogger the cowlick said...

It's all to do with having a purpose to life. Everyone wants to be sure that their birth and existence is not just a usual occurence. They want to make sure that they've done something of the time they've spent here. That it's not all a waste.

1:56 PM  
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