Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ghosts and Goblins and a little Boo

I had a different thing that I wanted to write about, then something heartwarming happened last night and I just had to change gears. The other post has to wait in line till I am in the mood again.

It was almost 8:30 in the evening and we had just finished dinner and were clearing up the dishes when the doorbell rang. Twice. Who could it be at this hour, we asked each other silently and I gestured to B that I would not answer the door in my pj's and he'd better check who it was. While B went to answer the door I scooted upstairs ready to fling on clothes if it happened to be some crazy friends who decided to call on us unannounced. Then I heard B calling me saying that there was no one at the door and he thought it was some kid trick or treating a little early. A little relieved I went back downstairs and saw someone had left an orange plastic pumpkin on our front porch. Inside the pumpkin was a note. I brought the pumpkin and the note inside to read what it said:

"Happy Halloween!!!! You have been Booed!" it said.

And then it went on:

"Put the note that is stapled on the other side of this sheet on your front door to tell the neighborhood that you have been booed. Then pass on the "boo" to two other neighbors with a bag of treats and other Halloween goodies before Halloween.
Have fun!!!"

Then we looked inside the pumpkin and boy were we in for a treat! There were boxes of candies, yes marshmallow peeps and sour gummies and tootsie rolls, and scented candles, a box of herb tea and a packet of herbal bath crystals. I rushed outside to see if I could tell who the mysterious giftbearer was but there was no one in sight. I had a fair idea who it was because of the nature of the wonderful things inside the pumpkin but since the whole point of the game was to be mysterious and ghost-like I refrained from going next door and telling them how happy I was.

Everybody likes getting gifts. Especially when they are so unexpected. To continue on the same note as my last post, there are these wonderful people in the world who derive happiness by making other people happy. I had never encountered such a beautiful way of passing cheer and goodwill among the neighborhood. May be I had never been among nicer neighbors. So here's to D and K who live next door and all the other nice people who think beyond their own needs and go around the world spreading joy and happiness.

I have my "Boo" note all ready. It's my turn tonight to be the Halloween spirit and spread a little magic around.



Blogger satchisgod said...

Happy H to you.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Bachelor said...

Lol! My first halloween in here. Even if not Halloween, I find Americans very hospitable and helpful. Unlike overbearing neighbours from back home. And VA is certainly a beautiful place to live in. Cant wait till the Halloween party on Sunday Night

3:55 PM  
Blogger jaded said...

oh ma!ki sweet tomar neighbors gulo! sweet of your neighbours to do that!

5:07 PM  
Blogger Sagnik Nandy said...

oh good people - please do drop by in San Diego and leave goodies for us too - trust me if you do that I ill be genuinely surprised :)

5:38 PM  
Blogger Prerona said...

Thats so nice - and unexpected surprise can be so good - specially when its 'good' :)

Happy Halloween :)

9:20 AM  
Blogger Rohan Kumar said...

Thnx for informing the readers of atleast 2 residences where they can drop by for their trick or treat routine :)

11:25 AM  
Blogger Point 5 said...

probably the Bhoot Bhooed u....

12:10 AM  
Blogger Casablanca said...

Oh, thats really sweet! I love festive times :D

6:41 AM  
Blogger Dreamcatcher said...

That is very sweet and even more so beacuse its unexpected.
Happy H :)

8:59 AM  
Blogger gAMe said...

kewl way man ... yeah the gifts count the most when recieved unexpected....c ya arnd...

12:02 PM  
Blogger Rimi said...

hey m, i have nothing to say really, except that i went completely "awww!" over the 'boo', and called my parents and read it out to them too.

and they went "awww!" too.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Grafxgurl said...

ooh thats so much fun!! i miss halloween!! cant wait to enjoy that again.. wish i was your neighbor M!!!! woooo!!

3:40 AM  
Blogger M (tread softly upon) said...

Thanks everyone for the comments....these neighbors are actually amazing people. Looks like it is going to be a very busy Halloween this evening...we have a neighborhood of kids under the age of 10....we've had to stock up on tons of candy :)) So anyone is welcome....come trick or treating folks!

9:11 AM  
Blogger Ratna said...

Happy Boo ing :)

1:36 PM  
Blogger Acroyali said...

festive seasons are amazing aren't they. each with their own charm.

1:42 PM  
Blogger DD said...

happy H! happy Diwali!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Adarsh A. Varghese said...

Nice post! And hey, Happy Diwali!

11:55 PM  
Blogger jaded said...

happy kaali pujo and happy bhai phonta:-)

1:08 PM  
Blogger A Hairy Snail said...

Verrrrrry nice! :)

Belated Happy Haloween, though I would think it feels odd celebrating a festival unknown to you at the same time when in your distant country a festival which flows through your blood is occuring. Hmmm...Mone hoye beshi bole diye-chi.

Anyways, thanks for ze link. :)

12:35 AM  
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